Investing in Your Employees


A recent article published by Inc. Magazine titled “How Investing in Employees Ensures Your Organization’s Success,” highlights the importance of investing in your employees.  The author describes how much uninspired and disengaged workers cost businesses annually, based on data collected in 2013.  “Seventy percent of American workers are either uninspired at work or actively disengaged, which cost businesses more than $450 million in 2013.”

When employees feel supported by their company, it’s typically a win for both sides.  Empowered employees are more apt to take initiative and be creative.

DMP has adopted the concept of investing in their employees, and recently held an all-employee training meeting at their facility.  Project Managers were provided new tools and technology to assist with responding to request for proposals.  In addition, some members of the staff were given a refresher course on MS PowerPoint, and the entire organization was trained on office and warehouse safety.

The training meeting concluded with a team engagement activity, and a Company cook-out.

Company culture is typically the glue that holds everything together.  Investing in your employees commits them to the success of the organization as a whole, and is the key to ensuring their success and the organization’s success.  Here’s a link to the article published by Inc.