Let’s Talk About Green Screens!

With the recent explosion of virtual meetings, a lot of people are using products like Zoom, WebEx, etc from their homes. For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have a private home office and have now converted our kitchen tables into an e-learning classroom / home office / break station, having a video chat with co-workers, clients, and vendors lets them get a sneak peek at your home life. Now if you’re about five weeks into a stay-at-home order and have given up caring who sees your family photos, favorite sports memorabilia, or even your pet’s toys, we are with you! But for others, we are still striving for some type of normalcy and professionalism on these calls.

So what options do you have?

Platforms like Zoom do offer a virtual background feature that allows you to display an image or a video from their stock.

You can also upload your own images or videos as the background.

BUT to achieve the best effect overall, you should definitely consider using a green screen.  A solid color background works best. Even in a pinch, you could utilize something as simple as a bed sheet. Some things to keep in mind: you don’t want to wear clothing that is the same color as the screen or the virtual background you’re going to use, pick a location that has a lot of uniform lighting – ideally where you face the brightest light, and try to use images that are 16:9 format.

DMP’s studio at our corporate office in Woodridge, IL is also an amazing option for broadcasting virtual meetings! Contact our Project Managers at info@davidmichaelproductions.com for more information.